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With the days getting longer and temperatures rising, we’re all really looking forward to the arrival of summer. However, this extra daylight can sometimes lead to disturbed sleep, sizzling-hot south-facing rooms and troublesome TV and computer screen glare. Luckily, electric blackout blinds can help alleviate these problems and even enhance your living environment. Here are ten benefits of fitting electric blackout blinds in your home.

Sleep Better

Electric blackout blinds are perfect for creating a darkened bedroom in which you can get a good night’s sleep. The fully opaque fabric will block out the light and a custom-made fit ensures excellent coverage over the window. This is especially useful during the summer when daylight hours are much longer and on clear nights when the moon is bright. Furthermore, blackout blinds are effective at blocking out the glow from nearby streetlights. 

Lutron Blackout Electric Roller Blinds - Bedroom - The Electric Blind Company

Wake Up Naturally

Imagine waking up to the beautiful warmth of natural sunlight every morning. Well, with electric blackout blinds, this is possible. Simply pre-programme your electric blinds to open at your preferred time and they will slowly open to let the light in, allowing you to start the day in a more natural and calm way. 

Optimum Privacy

Fully opaque blackout blinds provide the very best privacy from the outside world. Keep prying eyes out with blackout blinds that completely cover your windows. Plus, if you’re not at home, you can even pre-set the blinds to close at a set time or operate them remotely using a special app, allowing you to keep your home protected at all times. 

Protect Furniture

Blackout fabrics are designed to block harmful UV rays that can cause your furnishings to fade if exposed to too much sunlight. If you have a room that receives lots of sunshine, electric blackout blinds can help you to protect the interior of your home. Plus, automated programmes can open or close the blinds at preset times of the day to make sure the room is shaded when the sun is at its brightest and open again when the sun has subsided. 

Motorised Blackout Blinds Installed by The Electric Blind Company At Canary Wharf London

Reduce Glare

If you’re struggling to see your TV or computer screen, a blackout blind can help to eliminate glare from the sun. Blackout blinds are particularly effective at creating a cinematic ambience when watching a film and can ensure a productive home office environment

Perfect for Nurseries

Encourage a restful daytime nap for your child with blackout blinds that block out the sunlight creating a dark and calm room. Plus, you can help them to wake up naturally by opening the blinds via your smartphone or remote control and gradually letting the daylight in or use the pre-programmed options to set a time for the blinds to open. Furthermore, electric blinds are completely cordless making them extremely safe for use around young children. 

Modern Style

If you want a sleek and contemporary interior style for your home, electric blinds are the perfect window dressing option. Suitable for both new build and period properties, electric blackout blinds will create a smart and sophisticated look that is timeless. Plus, our blind concealment solutions will hide the blinds from view when they are not in use, allowing you to make the most of the natural daylight when you want to. 

Electric Blinds For Large Patio Doors - The Electric Blind Company

Keep Cool

Reduce the temperature of a warm room with electric blackout blinds. A fully opaque fabric will block out the sunlight to ensure your home doesn’t overheat with the sun’s rays. Furthermore, a light coloured fabric will help to reflect sunlight away from the windows, further enhancing the cooling effect.

Stay Warm

On the other hand, if you want your home to feel warmer, thick blackout fabrics can prevent heat from escaping through large expanses of glass. Opt for a dark coloured fabric to further optimise heat retention as it will absorb more light and heat during the day. 

Take Control

Electric blackout blinds offer the ultimate smart home convenience. Whether you’re lying in bed, lounging on the sofa or making breakfast in the kitchen, you can open or close your blinds at the touch of a button or even via voice control. Take a look at our Electric Blinds Control Guide for more information.

Find Out More

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