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Electric blinds provide many benefits to your home, but they are particularly useful during the winter months when the temperatures drop, the nights draw in, and you want to keep your home feeling warm and toasty. Here are a few benefits of having automated electric blinds during the winter.

Beat the Chill

Roller blinds are a great way of trapping heat within your home and preventing it from being lost through your windows, especially if you have vast expanses of glass, such as bi-fold doors or a roof lantern. We also offer a wide variety of blind fabrics. So if you want to keep your home extra warm this winter, choose a thick insulating cloth. Electric blinds can also be rolled away to ensure the full expanse of glass is exposed to the sun’s heat during the day. This helps to let in maximum light and warmth into the room, thus reducing the need for artificial lights and heating. Furthermore, by using our Blindspace® pockets, your blinds will fully retract to allow lots of light to flood into the room.

Automatically Let the Heat in and keep the cold out

Electric blinds can be set up to automatically open during daylight hours to maximise the natural warming properties of the sun and let heat into the home. Simply set your electric blinds to rise during the day and fully expose the room to the daylight, even when you’re not home or if you leave the house before dawn. This is especially useful for rooms where privacy is not required during the day, and the blinds can be opened from sunrise to sunset. Similarly, your electric blinds can be automatically set to close when night creeps in, and temperatures begin to fall, thus retaining heat generated by your central heating. 

Maintain Privacy and Keep Your Home Secure

When your home is lit up at night, it is easy to see in from the outside. This can leave you vulnerable to prying eyes. But never fear, automated electric blinds can be set to close automatically when night falls. This will provide screening from the outside world and keep your home private. This also provides an extra layer of security for your home when you’re away from the property, whether you’re late home from work or on holiday. Simply set your blinds to automatically close at sunset and rest assured that no-one can peer inside while you’re out. 

Save Energy and Money

As much as 50% of the heat produced in the home can be lost through windows, so by insulating them with good quality roller blinds and utilising the natural warmth of the sun during the day, you’ll ultimately use less energy to heat your home, thus reducing your energy bill! This will also help to reduce energy wastage so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too. 

Find Out More

Overall, automated electric blinds provide many benefits for keeping your home warm and secure during the winter. They can even help you to save energy and cut down your heating bills. 

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