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Did you know that you can now control your electric blinds using Apple’s HomeKit system? Plus, you can ask Siri to open or close your blinds without even moving an inch! But are HomeKit blinds any good? Is integrating HomeKit into your smart home appliances worth it? Well, we think so; here are a few of the reasons why…

Hands-Free Convenience

The main benefit of HomeKit smart blinds is that you can open or close them without having to pick up a remote control, press a wall switch or use your phone. Just ask Siri with natural voice commands to ‘open the kitchen blinds’ or ‘close all of the blinds downstairs.’ This is the ultimate in hands-free convenience, allowing you to deal with all of the other jobs you have to hand at the time whether it’s picking up the kid’s toys, cooking dinner or simply relaxing on the sofa.

Apple HomePod - Siri HomeKit Blinds - The Electric Blind Company

Remote Access

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are, you can control your blinds using the Apple Homekit app. We’ve all been there; you’re running late, you rush out the door, and you forget to open the blinds. Well, with Homekit smart blinds you can control the blinds in real-time from your desk. This is especially useful if you’re away on holiday and want to ensure your home looks ‘lived in’ while you’re away; log into the Home app via your iPhone, iPad or Apple watch to open or close your blinds from the poolside. 


The next step on from the remote access functionality is the automated capabilities of Homekit smart blinds. Using pre-set ‘scenes’ you can control groups of more than one blind all at once. For example, you might want Siri to ‘close all of the blinds’ in your home when you go to bed. Or, how about a ‘cinema’ scene that closes the blinds and dims the lights in the living room ready for the ultimate stay-at-home movie night experience. 

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Find Out More

If you wish to operate your blinds in this way, please ensure you tell us prior to ordering, so that we can ensure you are supplied with the correct motors, for you to set up your smart home after installation.  To find out more about how Homekit smart blinds could transform your home, contact our friendly sales team and we’ll answer any questions you have about Homekit controlled electric blinds.