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QMotion is a market-leading provider of advanced shading systems for your home, office, hotel or hospitality venue. Using innovative, award-winning technology, QMotion blinds provide easy-to-use, efficient and stylish blinds that not only look fantastic but work seamlessly too. Here are a few reasons why QMotion electric blinds are a great choice for your windows.

QMotion Electric Blinds


QMotion is one of the market-leading manufacturers of wireless electric blinds. Operated by standard D-cell alkaline batteries. This removes the need for unsightly wires or power sockets and makes installation very straight forward. QMotion wireless blinds are particularly good for screening hard-to-reach windows or where it is difficult to reach a power source. Furthermore, the batteries will last between three and five years with average use and are simple to replace. 

Virtually Silent

The roller motor that operates Qmotion electric blinds runs so efficiently that it is virtually silent. Open or close your blinds without disturbing the ambience of the room or drawing unwanted attention. This quiet motor is achieved via Qmotion’s patented counterbalance technology and is a unique feature on the electric blinds market. 

Alexa Voice Control

Control your QMotion electric blinds using simple voice commands via an Amazon Echo Plus device. Simply ask Alexa to open or close your motorised blinds. You can also pre-programme schedules for your binds to operate at set times of the day, even if you’re not at home. Installation and set up via the Amazon Alexa app is simple. Plus, the blinds can talk directly with the Amazon Echo Plus, thus removing the need for a bridge control to your wifi router. 

QMotion Electric Roller Blinds - Living Room - The Electric Blind Company

Simple To Use

As well as voice control, QMotion electric blinds can be operated using a multi-function remote control or via a simple-to-use app. We have a number of different remote controls available with preset blind positions and multi-channel functions. Alternatively, control the blinds using an app on your smartphone or tablet via the QMotion Qsync relay.

Wide Choice of Fabrics

QMotion offers a varied choice of blind fabric options. All of the blind fabrics are sourced from well-established suppliers across the UK and Europe. The fabrics are also of premium quality so they create a wonderfully polished finish for your electric blinds. The choice of colours and patterns is extensive and custom printing is also available.


QMotion’s innovative products have won many awards and its customer service is constantly recognised for its high standards. QMotion electric blinds are renowned for their simplicity, excellent functionality and elegant style. 

Find Out More

To find out how QMotion electric blinds could work in your home, get in touch and speak to one of our sales team. We are an official QMotion dealer and fitter and can advise you on the best electric blinds solution for your windows.