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Most people are surprised when we say that our battery powered wireless blinds are super efficient and very reliable, but they are fast becoming one of the most popular options for electric blind power amongst our customers. Here are a few reasons why battery blinds are just so good…

1. 100% Wireless

Get away from unsightly wires and avoid the hassle of installing extra electrics for your blinds. Battery powered blinds don’t need a plug or fused spur making them very easy to install and they look extremely neat and tidy.

2. Cover High Windows

Electric blinds offer the perfect window covering solution for hard to reach windows. Battery blinds are particularly suited to these types of coverings where a hardwired system might prove difficult and costly to install.

3. Super Quiet

The motors of battery powered blinds are getting better and better with new advances in technology so they are extremely quiet, barely making any sound at all, so you can rest and enjoy your home in peace.

4. Long Lasting

Battery operated electric blinds use standard alkaline D cell batteries that can last up to five years, based on average use.

5. Easy to Use

Open and close your electric blinds at the touch of a button via a remote control, a wall switch or even via your phone. This lets you operate the blinds wherever you are in the house, or if you’re out, simply use a home automation app on your phone.


6. Easy Installation

Fitting battery operated blinds is very straight forward. The batteries themselves sit within the roller mechanism, and with no wires to install, the blind can slot into the fascia very easily.

7. Safe

Battery operated blinds no not have any loose wires or pull-cords so they are extremely safe. They are ideal for households with pets or young children.

If you want to know more about our Battery Powered Blinds or to discuss the best electric blind options for your property, get in touch to speak to one of our sales team.