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Lutron is one of the best electric blinds brands out on the market. With over 50 years of experience, Lutron offers high-quality and innovative smart home solutions that are simple to use and super stylish. Here are just a few of the reasons Lutron electric blinds are a very popular choice amongst our customers…

1. Integrated Smart Home System

If you want a smart home solution to control more than just your electric blinds, Lutron may be a good choice. Lutron’s Sivoia QS smart home system is fully integrated to allow you to control your electric blinds, as well as all of your Lutron home lighting, from one place.

2. Wireless Battery Blinds

Lutron’s wireless ‘Triathlon’ roller blinds are run from household batteries allowing you to install them anywhere in your property, without the need for a power socket. With batteries lasting up to five years, Lutron battery blinds will keep on operating with minimal maintenance.

3. Quiet Motors

Lutron’s electric blind motors are some of the quietest on the market (rated at less than 44 dBA at 3 ft). These almost silent motors allow you to operate your blinds without disturbance for a more relaxed environment.

4. Simple to Use

Have complete automation at your fingertips. Lutron’s Sivoia QS system can be pre-programmed to control your electric blinds at set times of the day and to your preferred positions, even when you are not at your property. It is also possible to control Lutron Blinds via simple voice commands using Amazon AlexaApple HomeKit Siri or Google Assistant-activated devices.

5. Perfect Alignment

If you have multiple Lutron electric blinds in your property, they will move in perfect unison for ultimate style and elegance. Lutron’s precision engineering means that the blinds will move in-line within ⅛ of an inch of each other.

6. Over 150 Fabrics

Lutron offers a wide range of blind fabrics of varying opacities and shades. With over 150 different fabrics to choose from, we’re confident that you’ll find one to match your interior design style perfectly. Lutron’s fabrics are also fire-rated for extra peace of mind.

7. Innovative Company

Lutron designs and manufactures over 15,000 energy saving products including lights, light switches and light sensors. In fact, Lutron’s founder Joel Spira invented the first home dimmer light switch and the company has gone on to pioneer many other similar light controls.

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Overall, Lutron electric blinds are a fantastic choice for any property whether residential or commercial. With great-looking, market-leading innovative products, precision engineering and battery blinds that will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance, it’s no wonder that Lutron electric blinds are so popular.

If you think that Lutron electric blinds could be right for your property, get in touch to speak to one of our sales team. We are an official Lutron dealer and fitter and can advise you on the best Lutron electric blinds solution for your home.