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Electric blinds offer a versatile solution for controlling light and privacy in your home or office. Here, we explore the distinct benefits of blackout, translucent, and sunscreen blinds to help you find the perfect fit for your indoor space and lifestyle.

Electric Blackout Blinds

Also called blackout Blinds

Experience ultimate comfort with our blackout fabrics — perfect for a restful night’s sleep, an immersive movie night, or a cool environment to relax or work in.

What are blackout blinds?

Blackout fabrics completely block sunlight from entering your room, providing the best privacy and keeping your home shaded at all times.

Which rooms are blackout blinds best for?

Blackout fabrics are ideal for rooms requiring darkness and increased privacy, including bedrooms, home cinemas, studies and bathrooms. Blackout blinds are particularly well suited to bedrooms, providing excellent privacy and darkness, even in the summer. Additionally, you can pre-set your electric blinds to open at a specific time, gently waking you with natural sunlight at your preferred time.

Do blackout blinds provide sun protection?

Our blackout fabrics offer a UPF rating of 50+, significantly reducing the amount of harmful ultraviolet light entering your home. In addition to providing excellent light control, blackout blinds help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, keeping your home or office cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


Motorised Blackout Blinds Installed by The Electric Blind Company At Canary Wharf London

Translucent Electric Blinds

Also called Light Filtering Blinds.

With our superb translucent, light-filtering electric blinds, you can create privacy and effective shading in your home without blocking out all of the light.

What are translucent blinds?

Our translucent, or semi-sheer electric blinds offer excellent privacy by obstructing views both from inside and outside, while also allowing some light to filter through the tightly woven material to improvee your room’s ambience.

Which rooms are translucent blinds best for?

Translucent blinds are often used in kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms, as they provide good privacy but still allow a suitable amount of light to enter the room. However, at night, if the lights are on, silhouettes can be seen through translucent blinds, making them less suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms. Additionally, coloured translucent fabrics can add an extra wow factor to your room, as the sunlight shines through and enhances the colours for extra impact.

Do translucent blinds provide sun protection?

Our translucent fabrics provide a UPF Rating of 50+ which reduces the heat and glare entering the room. The tightly woven fabric also provides shading for your home or office, keeping it cool in the summer.


Concealed Electric Blinds fitted in Kitchen in Cirencester

Sunscreen Electric Blinds

Also called Sheer, Transparent, or Mesh blinds.

Our sunscreen electric blinds are ideal for shading your home and protecting your furniture from UV damage without blocking out the light or the view.

What are Sunscreen Blinds?

Sunscreen Blinds can protect your furnishings from sun damage and reduce sunlight glare. We supply two weights of screen fabric – 1% and 3%.

1% Openness = 99% UV blockage, Good Privacy, Minimal see through, Maximum glare and heat control
3% Openness = 97% UV blockage, Medium to low privacy, Partial view through, Good glare and heat control

Do sunscreen blinds provide sun protection?

UV damage to home furniture and soft furnishings can be a problem for homes with large areas of glass, including bifold and patio doors. Our sunscreen blinds are made from a specially designed mesh fabric that lets in plenty of light while protecting you from the sun’s glare and rays. Sunscreen blinds block out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays, which makes them great energy-efficient blinds.

Which rooms are sunscreen blinds best for?

Sunscreen blinds provide a great level of privacy for overlooked rooms that you typically use during the day as you can’t see into the room from outside. However, they are not block-out fabrics, meaning you can still see through them and maintain your outside view. The opposite is true at night, though – sunscreen blinds do not provide privacy at night when the lights are on, so they are not suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms.


Sun Filtering Electric Blinds Fitted in North London

Choosing the best type of electric blinds — whether blackout for enhanced privacy, translucent for balanced light filtration, or sunscreen for UV protection — is crucial for optimising comfort and functionality in your living or working space. If you’re unsure which fabric suits your requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us to discuss your electric blinds, and our expert team will assist you in choosing the perfect fabric to enhance your home or office environment.