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Many of our automatic blind solutions allow you to create ‘scenes’ which are groups of blinds that you would like to control at the same time. For example, you might want all of the bedroom blinds in the house to close or open at the same time so you can programme a ‘scene’ to group them all together and control them using just one command. These ‘scenes’ can be combined with other automated smart appliances and controls in your home. For example, you might want to set a ‘scene’ that creates the perfect ambience for at-home movie watching; blinds down, lights dimmed and heating snug.


Whether you want to wake up to the sunrise, ensure all of your blinds are closed at dusk or want the assurance that your home looks ‘lived in’ whilst you’re away on holiday, your electric blinds can be automated to rise and fall at preset times of the day. Simply programme individual or multiple blinds to move at certain times of day and never have to worry about opening or closing them again! For example, you may want all of your blinds to close by 7pm and open again at 6am. This is all possible with our automatic blind systems.


Some of our automatic blind systems can work from special light or heat sensors. The Somfy light sensor allows you to programme the blinds to close when the sun goes down. Alternatively, if the light and temperature increases above a preset level, the blinds will close to create shade. This can be a great way of controlling the temperature in your home, conserving energy and protecting furniture from UV damage.


We can supply and fit a choice of high quality electric roller blinds including the following:
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