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Here at The Electric Blind Company, we are often asked what the difference is between D-Cell and Li-Ion battery-powered blinds. In particular, customers are keen to know why D-Cell battery blinds are superior in quality. Here we have created a handy comparison chart to help explain the differences between the two systems and demonstrate the added benefits that Dcell blinds provide. 

Battery Type D-cell batteries mounted inside the roller blind tube Built-in rechargeable lithium-Ion battery 
Battery Life D-cell batteries will last 3-5 years based on two up and down cycles each day. The rechargeable battery will need to be recharged once a year based on one cycle up and down per day. 
Battery Replacement / Recharging Household D-cell batteries are easy to source and replace.
Old batteries can be easily recycled. 
Plug the battery into a nearby power source using a charger. Charging takes 4.5 hours. 
Wiring No wiring No wiring
Home Automation Home automation friendly and bridge free
Built-in ZigBee protocol
Native connection with Control4
Bridge-free connection with Amazon Alexa 
Bridge device required to work with home automation systems and Alexa. Antenna is 15cm long and must be exposed for best radio reception. Antenna may need to be repositioned for optimal performance.
Noise Virtually silent Ultra quiet 
Control Remote control
Smart phone control via app
Voice control
Home automation
Remote radio control
App control 
Voice control
Wall switch
Home automation
Manual Operation Patented Manual Override operation – allows for hand operation without causing damage to interior mechanisms None
Blind positions Pre-programme up to 99 blind height positions Only one pre-programmable blind height position
Movement Patented counterbalanced control to create less resistance and enable a lighter, easier, and more controlled pull-force than a typical manual shade of the same size Soft stop and start
Speed Blind size will determine run speed Adjustable speed for quieter operation
Installation Easy installation and set up Quick and clean installation
Fabrics Premium quality fabrics, transparent, translucent and blockout  Premium quality fabrics, transparent, translucent and blockout 
Fit 13mm side light gaps 
– industry leading 
21mm side light gaps
Dual shades Dual shade system allows a combination of two shades on the same window. Often used with a light filtering fabric in the front, with a room darkening fabric closest to the glass. No dual shade option
Roll direction Choose from standard or reverse roll. Standard roll shades have the fabric rolling off the back of the roll close to the window. Reverse roll shades come off the front of the shade roll, and are further from the window glass.  Standard or reverse roll.
Size Multiple tube sizes, 51- 61mm
Fits blinds up to 3000mm in width 
Only one tube size – 63.5 cm
Max blind size 18m squared
Max width 3000mm
Warranty Lifetime (for as long as you are living in the property) 2-year limited warranty on lithium-ion battery

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