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Sliding Patio Doors are a popular feature in modern homes. Giving you simple access to your garden or patio and providing large uninterrupted views, sliding patio doors are a fantastic way of merging your interior and exterior spaces. However, shade and privacy is always required at some points of the day and electric blinds can be a brilliant way of screening your patio doors. Smart, simple and tidy, electric blinds for patio doors are simple to fit and can be controlled with ease. Here are just a few reasons why electric blinds are a popular choice for patio doors…

Uninterrupted Views

Sliding patio doors often overlook wonderful views, whether of a beautiful landscape or a pretty garden bursting with colour, so the last thing you want to do is block this view. Concealed electric blinds are a great choice if you want to make the most of your sliding doors. When not in use, electric motorised blinds can be neatly hidden from view using a fascia, pocket or ceiling recess. This keeps the patio door windows completely open to the views beyond.

The Perfect Fit

We custom make all of our electric blinds so you can rest assured that your sliding patio door blinds will fit perfectly. For each and every order we carefully measure the patio doors and then the blinds are made up to your exact specifications by our expert craftsmen. You can choose to have one large blind up to 3 metres in width or two blinds to cover each of the sliding door panels.

Smart and Simplistic Style

If you want a simple, modern covering for your patio doors, our electric blinds will fit the bill. We have a large range of fabrics from semi-transparent screens to full blackout blinds, and with over 500 colours available, you’re sure to find a shade to suit your room’s interior style.

Smart Controls

Control your sliding patio door electric blinds at the touch of a button via a hand held remote or an app on your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, we can connect the blinds to an Alexa activated device, allowing you to open or close the motorised blinds with simple voice commands. Plus, you can pre-programme the blinds to rise or fall at set times of the day, even when you’re not at home.

Electric Blinds For Large Sliding Patio Doors - The Electric Blind Company

Out of Harm’s Way

The cordless nature of electric blinds makes them an excellent choice for homes with small children or pets; never worry about the danger of hanging cords again! Plus, when the electric blinds are retracted, they are completely out of the way, allowing you to open and close your patio doors without any hassle or the risk of damaging the fabric.

Battery Powered

Our motorised blinds for sliding doors can be powered using batteries for a simple to use wireless system. This is really useful for homes that do not have a power source located close to the patio doors. Battery operated blinds are very efficient and the batteries can last many years with normal use.

Simple Installation

Motorised blinds are simple to fit. Our expert electric blinds installation team take care of all of the measurements and make sure your new electric blinds look fantastic and work perfectly. Furthermore, if you are having new sliding doors fitted as part of a renovation or new build, we have plenty of experience working with onsite contractors to install concealment pockets and power sources.

Find Out More

Overall, electric blinds for sliding patio doors offer a modern and simple solution to create privacy, reduce glare and control the temperature in your home. Completely wireless and custom made to fit, with a vast selection of fabric weights and colours, our electric blinds will look stunning in any room.

To find out more about electric blinds for sliding patio doors and to discuss how they might work for your home, contact us today – call 02381 290120 or email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk.