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Whether you want to reduce glare, control room temperature, or make a room feel extra cosy, electric blinds are a convenient and energy-efficient way of covering hard-to-reach roof lanterns, glass ceilings and skylights.

With several control options, electric blinds seamlessly open and close across windows that are too high to operate manually. Plus, you can even pre-program the blinds to operate automatically at set times to suit your lifestyle and daily routine. 

8 Benefits of Electric Roof Blinds:

Electric SHY Roof Blind Fitted in Clapham London by The Electric Blind Company

Remote Control for Hard-to-Reach Windows

One of the most obvious benefits of electric blinds for roof lanterns is their ease of use. Once fitted, the blinds are controlled using a simple handheld remote, wall switch or app on a smartphone or tablet. This makes them incredibly versatile for hard-to-reach windows like roof lanterns, skylights and galss ceilings. There’s no need to climb a ladder, stand on a stool or use a pole to open and close electric roof lantern blinds – much safer!

Automatic Programming

Roof lantern electric blinds can also be pre-programmed to open and close at set times of the day. So, if you want to let in lots of light in the morning but want to retain the heat in the evening, you can set them up to open and close accordingly every single day. This is especially convenient for those with busy lifestyles. 

Twin Motorised Roof Blinds Fitted in Notting Hill - The Electric Blind Company

Temperature Control

Roof lanterns and orangeries are extremely popular in modern house extensions and renovations, yet, while they are great for creating a bright and airy room, it can sometimes be hard to control the temperature with it often being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Electric blinds are a great way to block out some light or trap in some of the heat instantly and with minimal fuss. They are also effective at reducing glare on TVs or computer screens.

Variety of Fabrics

Tailor-made electric blinds are available in a wide range of blackout, screen and sound absorption fabrics. This allows you to design unique electric roller blinds for your roof lantern, glass roof, or skylights to suit the interior design of your home. We also offer a variety of materials in different weights including semi-transparent cloths and full blackout materials, enabling you to choose how much light and heat you want to block out. Many of our clients choose a lightweight material to dress roof lanterns to block out glare and heat without loosing all of the light during the day. 

Roof Lantern Electric Blind in Orangery - The Electric Blind Company

Concealed from View

If you want your blinds to disappear from view when they are not in use, we have various blind concealment options to choose from. If you are undergoing a new build or renovation project, you may ask your builder to build a purpose-made false ceiling for the electric blinds to retract into. If this isn’t possible, we can fabricate a custom-made blind pocket box that the blinds roll away into. Alternatively, the roller mechanism can be hidden with a custom-made colour-matched fascia. In all instances, the headbox, side guides and bottom channels are manufactured from powder-coated aluminium, and can be colour-matched to your window frame.

Smooth Operation Without Sagging

Our SHY electric roof lantern blinds are fitted with a clever ‘zip’ system that guides the blind fabric along a channel on either side of the roof lantern to stop it from jumping out. This ensures that the material is kept taut and doesn’t sag, without overstretching it. The zip and channels also help to give you the best coverage possible with no light ingress around the edge of the blind. 

Motorised Roof Lantern Blind - Zip Technology - SHY - The Electric Blind Company

Perfect Fit

Whatever the size of your glass roof or skylight, all of our electric blinds are tailor made to your exact measurements, so the fabric will cover the full width and length of the window perfectly. Our roof blinds are also made using premium quality fabrics to ensure they not only look incredibly, but they smoothly glide across the window, too. If you are planning a new home build, extension or renovation, we can also work with architects and builders to create the perfect fit.

Extra Large Sizes

Electric blinds are suitable for large roof lanterns or flat glass roofs. Using a heavy-duty electric blind system, maximum coverage can be achieved, without sagging. Using a double motor system, the roof lantern blind cleverly adjusts the tension of the fabric as it opens; once the blind is fully deployed or stopped, the motors gently turn in the opposite direction to remove any sag. These extra-large electric blinds also use two very thin (1.5mm) steel cables across the length of the glazing to provide extra support to the large expanse of fabric.

White Roof Lantern Electric Blinds - The Electric Blind Company

Find Out More

Electric blinds are an ideal way to cover hard to reach roof lanterns and skylights. They can be opened and closed at the touch of a button, allowing you to control light and heat with ease, plus they look incredibly stylish and are custom made to provide the best coverage for your glass ceiling. 

To find out more about our electric blinds for roof lanterns, please get in touch with our friendly sales team to discuss your project – call 02381 290120 or email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk.