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Somfy and QMotion electric blinds can be voice-controlled via an Alexa-enabled device.

This allows you to open or close your blinds with simple voice commands such as ‘Alexa, open the blinds in the kitchen,’ or ‘Alexa, close the blinds in the bedroom.’

We are being asked, ‘can Alexa Control my blinds?’ more and more often as Alexa devices infiltrate many homes across the UK. Homeowners are seeking new ways to use this exciting new technology, and the control of electric blinds is a useful application. We have a number of options for Alexa-controlled electric blinds, and the installation and setup is simple to do.

Amazon Alexa Electric Blinds - The Electric Blind Company Qmotion

Benefits of Alexa Controlled Blinds

  • Hands Free

Using voice commands to control the opening and closing of your motorised blinds allows you to keep your hands free for doing something else at the same time. You don’t even need to pick up a handset, mobile device or find a wall switch. Electric blinds controlled by Alexa are simple to use and hassle free.

  • Simple Set Up

Alexa controlled blinds are simple to install in your home. Using a special link device, the motorised blinds can be connected to your Alexa enabled device with minimal setup. All you will need is the relevant app installed on a smart device and an Alexa device linked to your Amazon account.

  • Automation

If you want to open or close groups of blinds together, or at preset times of the day,  you can create ‘scenes’ that you then control via your Alexa enabled device. For example, you might say ‘Alexa, close all of the blinds in the bedrooms,’ or ‘Alexa, open the downstairs blinds at 7am.’

Alexa Motorised Electric Blinds Fitted by The Electric Blind Company

Find Out More

Alex controlled electric blinds are becoming an ever more popular choice for modern homes. If you wish to operate your blinds in this way, please ensure you tell us prior to ordering, so that we can ensure you are supplied with the correct motors, for you to set up your smart home after installation.

To find out how Alexa controlled electric blinds could work in your property, get in touch with our friendly sales team and we’ll answer any questions you have about Alexa controlled electric blinds.