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The popular home design website, Houzz, has identified Dedicated Activity Spaces as one of the top five home design trends for 2022. Houzz’s data shows strong growth in Smart Home related searches for home studios, home bars, home gyms, home theatres and home offices. Here is an overview of their predictions for next year…

Working From Home

With many of us being forced out of the office during the COVID pandemic, working from home has become the norm so it’s not surprising that searches for ‘home offices’ on Houzz increased by 108% year on year. From converting a bedroom into an office, and renovating a cubby hole into a dedicated desk area, to transforming a garden shed into a studio, at-home working spaces are now a permanent feature in many UK homes. Here at The Electric Blind Company, we’ve been contacted by clients looking for blinds to prevent screen glare and help control the temperature of their home offices, and we expect this trend to continue into 2022 as people choose to work remotely rather than make the long commute into city-centre offices. 

Sheer Motorised Blinds Fitted in Marylebone - Office - London - The Electric Blind Company


Due to restricted access to public entertainment venues, we’ve all been spending more of our leisure time at home too. As a result, searches for ‘at-home bars’ and theatres have grown significantly on the Houzz website. Homeowners want a place where they can relax, enjoy a homemade cocktail, watch a good film, and enjoy a cinematic ambience similar to what they’d get on a visit to the big screen. Blackout electric blinds are perfect for home-cinema rooms and we’ve seen a rise in such installations. Automation settings also allow you to create the atmosphere of a movie theatre at the touch of a button or even by a simple voice command; just add popcorn and fizzy pop for extra enjoyment! 

Cinema Room Electric Roof Blinds - Fitted in West Sussex by The Electric Blind Company

At Home Fitness

Online searches for ‘home gym ideas’ have also gained popularity on the Houzz website, soaring by 156% year on year. Whether you choose to use a stationary exercise bike, a rowing machine, or a selection of free weights, these statistics suggest that having a dedicated space for fitness activities at home is becoming more commonplace. Last year we fitted electric blinds for a gym to provide essential privacy and temperature control. Voice-controlled electric blinds are also great for home-fitness rooms as you can open or close the blinds without interrupting your workout. 

Home gym

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