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In a word, yes! Electric blinds are extremely energy efficient in more ways than you may think. Not only do they use very little power to operate, but they can be used in various ways to help improve the energy efficiency of your home, whether it’s to retain heat, keep your home cool or let more warmth in. Here are a few ways in which electric blinds can provide energy saving benefits…

Low Power Draw

Battery operated blinds use small household D cell batteries and are so energy efficient that the batteries can last up to 5 years with moderate use. Even if you have mains supplied electric blinds installed, the amount of power that they use to operate is still very small.

Retain Heat

Did you know that as much as 50% of heat produced in the home is lost through inefficient windows? Blinds can help to retain some of this heat to reduce waste and enable you to use less energy to heat your home. Electric blinds are even more efficient in that they can be automated to close when the sun disappears and temperatures start to drop, maximising heat retention even when you’re not at home.

Let Light and Heat In

Electric blinds can be rolled away completely to ensure the full expanse of glass is exposed. This helps to let in the maximum light and heat possible into the room, thus reducing the need for artificial lights and heating in the home. By using our Blindspace® pockets your blinds will retract away fully to allow lots of light to flood into the room and maximise the benefits.

Keep Home Cool

If the heat penetrating your large glass windows or doors is making your home feel too hot, electric blinds can help to keep your rooms cooler and thus reduce the need for air conditioning which can consume a lot of energy.

Insulating or Sheer Fabrics

We offer a wide variety of blind fabrics to suit every need. If you want something that will help to keep your home warm at night, we have thick insulating fabrics. On the other hand, if you want a fabric that will help to keep your rooms cool during the hot summer months, our semi-transparent fabrics will create some shade without obscuring the view.

Automated Controls

In order to maximise the benefits of letting light and heat into the home through the windows, electric blinds can be automated to rise during daylight hours. This is especially useful for rooms where privacy during the day is not a worry and the blinds can be opened from sunrise to sunset. Conversely you can set the blinds to close when the sun is at its most intense to prevent rooms from getting too hot.

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Overall, electric blinds can be very energy efficient if used correctly. Whether you want to keep your home warm, keep it cool or reduce your energy consumption, electric blinds can help you find the perfect balance.

If you think that electric blinds could be the right window dressing solution for your property, get in touch to speak to one of our sales team. We have a variety of different electric blinds to choose from and can advise you on the best electric blinds for your home.