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When buying your new electric blinds it’s important to make sure you select the best fabric for your needs. Whether you need a full blackout blind or a semi transparent screen, there are lots of fabric weights to choose from. Here is a quick guide on some of the different electric blind fabrics available…

Blackout Blinds

If you want electric blinds for a bedroom, a fully opaque blackout fabric is a great option, especially during the summer. Not only will you enjoy maximum privacy, you won’t be woken up by the sunshine until you are ready to get up. Plus, you can pre-set your electric blinds to open at a set time, allowing you to be woken up gently by the natural sunlight at a time that suits you.

Dim Out Blinds

Lutron Electric Roller Blind - Honeycomb - Media Room - The Electric Blind Company

Dim-out fabrics allow some light to penetrate through but they are not sheer – only vague shapes can be made out. These fabrics are good for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens where a full blackout blind isn’t necessary. Colourful dim-out fabrics can also look fantastic during the day with sunlight shining through and enhancing the colours for extra impact.

Solar Protection Screen Blinds

Lutron Electric Roller Blind - Patterned Fabrics - The Electric Blind Company

UV damage to home furniture and soft furnishings can be a problem for homes with large areas of glass including bi fold and patio doors. UV solar protection fabrics can protect your furnishings from sun damage and reduce sunlight glare. We can supply three weights of screen fabric – 3%, 5% and 10% transparency. All of our screen fabrics offer a 97% UV block.

Fabric Colour

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The colour of your electric blinds fabric is also an important consideration. Not only do you want the fabric to fit in with your interior design scheme, you might want to remember that darker colours absorb heat and transmit less light, whereas lighter colours allow more light through and absorb less heat. With this in mind you might choose a darker colour for a bedroom but a light colour for your kitchen.

Find Out More

If you want more advice on which fabrics might work for your home, book a design consultation with our expert electric blinds sales team and we’ll show you the whole range of fabric colours and textures available for you to choose from. We can also arrange for you to have a few fabric samples to try.