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Hardwired electric blinds are a fantastic choice where a mains connection is easily accessible. They are also favoured for their symmetrical rise and fall and constant power. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hardwired blinds.

What are hardwired blinds?

Hardwired electric blinds are powered by your mains electricity supply. If you have one, the blinds can be connected to a power socket near to the windows. Or, we can liaise with your electrician to fit a fused spur close to where you want the blinds to be.

Do hardwired blinds rise and fall in unison?

Yes. One of the main benefits of fitted hardwired blinds over battery blinds is that the blinds will rise and fall in unison if you want them to. They can also be controlled individually if you don’t want to open or close all of the blinds at once.

How much energy do hardwired blinds use?

Hardwired blinds only draw a small amount of power, so you won’t rack up a large electricity bill. In fact, you’re more likely to save energy with hardwired electric blinds by preventing heat loss. Plus, with automated settings, you can pre-program your blinds to open and close at set times of the day to maximise energy efficiency.

How are hardwired blinds controlled?

Hardwired electric blinds can be controlled by a wall switch, handheld remote, or an app on your smart device. Plus, hardwired blinds can be set up to rise and fall to simple voice commands when paired with Alexa or HomeKit devices.

Are hardwired blinds difficult to install?

Hardwired electric blinds do need a bit more planning to install than battery powered blinds, but don’t let that put you off. If you have a power socket nearby, it’s simple to connect the blinds to that. Or, if you’re undergoing a renovation or new build extension, a new fused spur can be fitted with relative ease. Just ask us to liaise with your electrician and we’ll make sure a suitable power source is available.

Are hardwired blinds good for large windows?

Yes! Although the technology of battery blinds has improved significantly, you may find they are not powerful enough for very large electric blinds. So, if you want motorised blinds to cover large areas of glazing, consider having mains powered blinds fitted.

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If you have any other questions that you would like to ask about hardwired blinds, we’d be delighted to discuss your project with you. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team, and we’ll answer any other questions you have.