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Electric blinds for roof lanterns are becoming ever-more popular. Not only are they are a great way to reduce glare during the day, but they can also be very effective at controlling room temperature. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about roof lantern electric blinds.

Can electric blinds be fitted to roof lanterns?

Yes, electric blinds can be fitted to roof lanterns. In fact, they are a fantastic solution for hard to reach roof lanterns that need covering for shade or temperature control. At the touch of a button, electric blinds glide across the glass with ease, so you don’t need to use a wand to wind the blind back and forth.

What are the benefits of electric blinds for roof lanterns?

Electric blinds for roof lanterns provide many benefits including:

  • Cover hard to reach glass panels
  • Open and close remotely
  • Pre-programmed for automated use
  • Create shade and reduce glare
  • Control room temperature

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How do roof lantern electric blinds work?

Electric blinds for roof lanterns work using a special ‘zip’ system. The zip is fitted to the edge of the fabric blind and this runs along the inside of a channel fitted around the roof lantern. This zip prevents the fabric from being pulled out of the channels and ensures the blind opens and closes smoothly. It also gives the blind extra structure so it doesn’t sag in the middle, and makes sure the entire glass pane is covered without any light seepage.

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How are roof lantern electric blinds powered?

Most roof lantern electric blinds are powered via a mains electricity supply. Connected to a fused spur that is fitted close to the roof lantern, the blind is connected to a constant source of power and is incredibly energy efficient.

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How are roof lantern electric blinds controlled?

Electric blinds for roof lanterns can be controlled via the following methods:

  • Hard-Wired Wall Switch
  • Radio-Controlled Handheld Remote
  • Home Automation System

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How much do roof lantern electric blinds cost?

The prices of our electric blinds for roof lanterns start at £3900 (ex vat) for a 2000 x 2000mm blind. This price is based on an Electric Roof Blind roller system, hardwired, in screen/translucent or blackout fabrics with wireless control, installation and 5-year motor warranty. We also have a heavy-duty blind system that costs from £6104 (ex vat).

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What is the biggest size of electric blind you can install on a roof lantern?

The largest roof lantern electric blind that we fit is 6.5 metres wide and 10 metres long. Our heavy-duty electric blind system provides maximum coverage and is suitable for large roof lanterns. The system uses a double motor system which adjusts the fabric tension and prevents sagging. We also fit two cables across the length of the lantern to provide extra support.

Are roof lantern electric blinds difficult to fit?

Roof lantern electric blinds can be difficult to fit yourself, but our experienced fitters are very proficient at fitting electric blinds for roof lanterns. We always take care to look after your home and are super-efficient. In some instances, we recommend having a shelf built for the roof lantern blind system to sit on, but we’ll work closely with architects, builders, and interior designers to make sure the blind fits perfectly.

What blind fabrics are available for roof lanterns?

Electric blinds for roof lanterns come in various colours, patterns and fabric weights. Whether you want a blackout blind to make your room dark, or a semi-transparent fabric that will let some light in, even when closed, we have plenty of options to choose from. Furthermore, our electric blind fabrics are of a very high quality so they won’t sag or kink, even after multiple uses.

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