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Wireless blinds are incredibly versatile and are a popular solution where a mains connection is inaccessible. Customers also like the absence of wires, which keeps the installation neat and tidy. Here is a summary of the most frequently asked questions about wireless blinds.

What are wireless blinds?

Wireless blinds are electric blinds that are not connected to the mains electricity supply. Instead, they use batteries. There are many types of wireless blinds, including roller blinds, bifold door blinds, and roof lantern blinds. 

How are wireless blinds powered?

Wireless binds are powered by batteries. The wireless blinds we supply here at The Electric Blind Company use household D-cell batteries. The batteries sit within the blind roller, in a battery tray or with a plug-in charger.

How are wireless blinds controlled?

Wireless blinds can be controlled in various ways. From a traditional handheld remote or wall switch to a smartphone app and even voice commands, you can easily open and close your blinds, whether at home or away. Groups of blinds can also be set up to rise and fall at the same time every day or when certain conditions are met. 

Wireless Electric Blind System Fitted in East London - The Electric Blind Company

How often do wireless blinds batteries need replacing?

Standard alkaline D cell batteries can power wireless blinds for up to five years based on the average use of four blind movements per day.

How much do wireless blinds cost?

Please look at our Pricing page for details about our wireless blinds pricing. All our blinds are custom-made to fit, so we’ll provide you with an exact quote to match your requirements. 

Which are the best wireless blinds?

We supply and fit wireless blinds from QmotionLutron and Somfy. These brands make some of the best wireless blinds on the market and are renowned for excellent quality engineering as well as beautiful aesthetic qualities. Somfy is also a great system for households with other Somfy products such as lighting and heating as they can be fully integrated and work together. 

Battery blinds with custom fascia fitted in London by The Electric Blind Company

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If you have any other questions that you would like to ask about wireless blinds, we’d be delighted to discuss your project with you. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team, and we’ll answer any other questions you have.