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Home automation is fast becoming a popular way to control a variety of smart appliances and furnishings in the home. Not only can home automation make life so much easier, but it can also save energy and reduce your gas and electric bills. Here are a few ideas of how home automation gadgets can enhance your time at home as well as protect it when you’re not there.

Automated Electric Blinds

Electric blinds are the ultimate choice for automated smart home convenience. Whether you want your blinds to rise with the sun and fall at sunset, or for the nursery blinds to close in the afternoon in readiness for your baby’s nap, smart electric blinds are a brilliant way to control light throughout your home. You can even preset your blinds to open or close according to simple voice commands such as ‘Alexa, close all of the blinds upstairs’ or ‘Siri, open the kitchen blinds.’

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Smart Lighting

Are you struggling to get up in the morning? Smart lighting could be the answer. Simply set your lights to gradually come on at a set time in the morning and wake up naturally as the room brightens. You can also use smart lighting to protect your home when you’re away; pre-programme the lights to come on and switch off at set times of the day to make it look as though someone is home. Furthermore, over time, you can conserve energy and save money with smart LED lights. 

Automatic Temperature Control

Use a smart thermostat to keep your home at just the right temperature all of the time. And don’t waste energy heating rooms that aren’t in use; set your smart heating to come on in individual rooms at preset times of the day to ensure you maximise energy efficiency throughout the home. For example, you might want the heating to come on in the bedrooms and bathroom first thing in the morning and the office heating to start warming up just before you settle down to do some work. 

Smart Thermostat - Home Automation Ideas Blog - The Electric Blind Company

Smart Security

Enhanced security is one of the best benefits of a fully automated smart home system. Not only are there many excellent home security cameras and alarm systems on the market, but you can also use other smart home fixtures to protect your home. Whether you’re at work or setting off for a two-week holiday, you can use all of your smart home appliances to make it appear that someone is at home all of the time – a great deterrent against burglary. Preset your lights to come on in the morning and switch off at night. You can also set your electric blinds to open mid-morning and close again at sunset. 

Pre-programmed Entertainment Systems

‘Siri, play my favourite album,’ is what you might say when you finish work and want to relax before dinner. Or, why not set up a cinema ‘scene’ that automatically dims the lights, closes the electric blackout blinds, switches on the TV and selects Netflix ready for you to settle down and enjoy a movie. The possibilities are endless when it comes to automated entertainment systems that integrate with your other smart home gadgets and furnishings.

Smart Entertainment System - Home Automation Ideas Blog - The Electric Blind Company

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