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Electric blinds work by using a small motor to gently turn the blind shaft at the touch of a button. This allows the blind fabric to roll up or down a vertical window, or across a sky lantern, to shade or uncover the glazing.

Want to know more? Here’s our guide on how electric blinds work.

Super Efficient Motor

Electric blinds are opened and closed by a small motorised unit that turns the tube that the blind is attached to. Electric blind motors are extremely efficient, using minimal power to work, and advances in technology also mean they are virtually silent too. You can find out more about the benefits of electric blinds on our blog.

Electric Roller Blinds

Somfy Electric Blinds Motors - The Electric Blind Company
Electric Blind Motors

Battery Blinds

An electric blinds motor can be powered either by your household mains supply or by D-cell batteries. Battery powered blinds are completely wireless, and the batteries simply slide inside a battery tray that sits neatly behind the blind fascia, or within the blind shaft itself. Battery blinds are ideal for shading hard to reach windows or where a power source is not already within reach.

Battery Blinds

Mains Powered Blinds

Hardwired electric blinds run off your mains power supply, so they will need to be connected via a 5 amp fused spur located close to where the blinds will be installed. If a power source isn’t available, we can work with electricians to have a connection fitted. Hardwired blinds are excellent for powering large electric blinds.

Hardwired Blinds

Lutron Battery Electric Blinds - The Electric Blind Company
Battery Blinds are powered by D-Cell batteries

How to control electric blinds

There are many ways in which you can control your electric blinds including a traditional remote control handset, a wall switch, via an app on your smartphone or tablet, or by using your smart home operating system. There are also options that allow you to automate your electric blinds so that they open and close at set times of the day.

 Electric Blind Controls

Controls for Electric Blinds

Smart Control

Some electric blinds can be controlled via platforms like Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, allowing you to operate the blinds using simple voice commands. They can also be integrated into smart home automation systems. For added convenience, you can create automated schedules for your electric blinds, and synchronise them with other smart devices in your home, such as lighting, heating and security, to create a truly connected and efficient living environment.

Smart Blinds 

Smart Thermostat - Home Automation Ideas Blog - The Electric Blind Company
Electric Blinds can integrate with Smart Home systems

Zip Technology

For our Roof Lantern Electric Blinds we use SHY‘s innovative ‘zip’ system which keeps the blind fabric taut and running smoothly, without any sagging. This system works by welding a zip to the length of the cloth that then runs along inner channels on either side of the blind. This zip ensures that the fabric doesn’t get pulled out of the channel and also makes sure that full screen coverage is achieved with no gaps around the edges.

Zip Blinds

Electric Roof Lantern Blind - Zip Technology - SHY - The Electric Blind Company
Zip electric blinds keep the fabric taut

Electric blinds offer a perfect blend of convenience, style, and functionality. With their motorised operation, precise controls, and integration with smart home systems, they provide an effortless way to enhance privacy, control natural light, and create a comfortable living or working space.

The Electric Blind Company offers a wide range of electric blinds tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of this innovative window dressing solution. Upgrade your windows with electric blinds to experience the perfect blend of convenience and style in your home or office.

This is just a simple overview about how electric blinds work. To find out more about electric blinds and how they could work in your home, take a look at our product pages – Electric Roller Blinds, Electric Blinds for Roof Lanterns and Electric Blinds for Bifold Doors