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Concealed electric blinds, as the name suggests, are blinds that are hidden within a box or frame, providing a clean and unobtrusive look when not in use. The size of the concealment box plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operation and seamless aesthetics.

While it may seem straightforward, several factors must be taken into account to establish the best concealment box for your electric roller blinds installation.

Electric Blinds With Blindspace Boxes Fitted in Wimbledon by The Electric Blind Company

Type of Motor

One of the primary considerations when determining the size of your blinds concealment pocket is the type of motor used for the blinds. Motors can vary in size between different brands, which in turn dictates the dimensions of the box required. Furthermore, blinds that are wired into the household mains typically require a larger concealment box to accommodate the additional wiring, whereas you might be able to use a smaller box to conceal wireless (battery-powered) blinds.

Fabric Type

The type of fabric used for the blinds also influences the space needed for concealment. Thicker blackout fabrics will require more space than thin, translucent fabrics. Furthermore, if you require complete blackout, your blinds may feature side channels, which can be housed within the side frames of the concealment box, leaving a slot for the blinds to operate when needed.

Concealed Box for Electric Blinds - Fitted in Brighton - West Sussex - The Electric Blind Company

Width and Drop

The dimensions of the blinds, including their width and drop, are crucial factors in determining the size of the concealment box. The rolled-up size of long blinds will be larger in diameter than blinds with a shorter drop, so we have to use accurate measurements to ensure the proper size is selected. We also need to consider the width of multiple blinds side by side if you want to conceal them within a single box.

Selecting the Right Box Size

Our electric blind concealment pockets and boxes range from 100mm square to 200mm square, offering flexibility to accommodate various requirements and specifications. However, ensuring the correct box size involves a comprehensive assessment of the motor type, fabric type, room requirements, and blind dimensions

Blindspace Boxes Fitted in Wimbledon by The Electric Blind Company

Find Out More

If you would like assistance with your electric blinds, including a concealment solution, please get in touch with our friendly sales and design team for expert advice. For projects requiring precision and customisation, our professional electric blinds fitting team can assist you in finding the best size box for your concealed electric blinds. We also offer an engagement fee that includes CAD drawings and a visual representation of the proposed installation to ensure the design aligns with your vision.

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