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Achieving the perfect balance of natural light in your home is simple to achieve with electric blinds. From precision control and time-based automation to integration with smart home systems and varying fabric opacities, electric blinds make it possible to create the perfect ambience. 

Fabric Weights

Electric blinds are available in a variety of materials and opacities, including sheer, semi-translucent, and blackout fabrics, to give you varying control of natural light in your home. Sheer blinds allow plenty of natural light to filter through, whereas blackout blinds block out all the light. Meanwhile, semi-translucent blinds strike a balance between the two, offering a bit of privacy while also allowing daylight into your home. Selecting the right opacity level is key to controlling the desired amount of light in your space.

Semi-transparent smart Electric Blinds Fitted in Winchester

Simple Controls

Using a simple handheld remote control or smart home app, you can easily adjust electric blinds to open and close to the exact position you desire, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance between natural light and privacy. Some of our electric blinds can also be connected to voice-activated systems, giving you hands-free control of the natural light entering your property.

Concealed Electric Blinds Fitted in St Albans Fitted by The Electric Blind Company

Automated Control

Smart electric blinds can be pre-programmed to operate on a schedule that suits your daily routine. Set them to open in the morning and wake up to natural sunlight, or programme them to close in the evening for privacy and energy efficiency. This automation allows you to control when your blinds are open or closed during the day, optimising the light in your home for ultimate comfort.

Premium Electric Blinds fitted by The Electric Blind Company

Smart Home Integration

If you have a smart home system, some electric blinds can be set up to work with other smart appliances in your property such as lighting, thermostats, and security. This allows you to create custom ‘scenes’ where the blinds adjust automatically to complement the desired lighting. For example, you may wish the blinds to close when a room gets too hot during the day. Or you could set your blinds to open and your lighting to turn off when it’s daylight outside.

Wireless Electric Blinds Fitted in North London by The Electric Blind Company

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Incorporating electric blinds into your home not only provides precise control over natural light but also adds a layer of convenience and energy efficiency to your living environment. Whether you prefer manual control or automation, electric blinds offer versatile options to create the perfect lighting conditions for any room in your home.

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