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The traditional remote handset is still one of our most popular choices of electric blind control and one question that we are often asked here at The Electric Blind Company is ‘can multiple electric blinds be operated from one remote control?’ Well, the answer is ‘yes’ and here is our guide to the different remote controls available for your electric blinds and how to control more than one electric blind from a single handset.

We have four different remote control electric blind options to choose from. The comparison chart below gives you a brief overview of the main features of each handset. Scroll down for more detailed information.

Somfy Electric Blinds Remote Controls - Comparison Chart - The Electric Blind Company

Single Channel

Telis 1 RTS Series

The Somfy Telis 1 RTS remote control allows you to operate one blind or one group of blinds. So, if you have three separate electric blinds in one room, you can open and close all of them at the same time using this single channel remote control. It can also be programmed to memorise your favourite blind position and selected using the ‘MY’ button. This particular remote control comes in 4 colourways – black, silver, white and white with blue trim.

Multiple Channel

Telis 4 RTS Series

The Somfy Telis 4 RTS remote handset can control up to 5 electric blinds or groups of blinds. As well as giving you the option to close all of your pre-programmed electric blinds at once, you can also choose to open or close pre-set groups of blinds as required. This offers more flexibility than the Telis 1. If you have a preferred position for your electric blinds, you can set this up in the pre-programmed ‘MY’ setting and access that with just one click. Handsets are available in black, silver, white and white with blue trim.

Telis 6 Chronis RTS Series

The Somfy Telis 6 Chronis RTS has 6 different channels allowing you to control 6 electric blinds or 6 groups of electric blinds. You can also use the timer function to pre-programme zones of electric blinds to open or close at set times of day, even when you’re not at home. You can select up to six time slots per day giving you plenty of automated options for your electric blinds, all from one handset. The large LCD display provides you with all of the information and programming options you need and there is even a ‘Twilight’ function that takes variations of daylight hours into account for maximum energy efficiency. This handset comes in silver or white colourways.

Telis 16 RTS Series

The Somfy Telis 16 RTS remote control has 16 different channels allowing you to operate 16 different electric blinds from one handset. It can also be programmed to control groups or ‘zones’ of blinds in your home. This means that you can open or close multiple blinds at the same time, or operate them individually. Furthermore, you can assign names and icons to the different groups that you set up and view them on the handset’s LCD display. Just like with the Telis 1 and Telis 4, you can set a preferred blind position that can be activated using the one click ‘MY’ button. You can also close all of the blinds in your home with one click. This handset comes in two colourways – silver and white.

We hope this helps to explain how multiple electric blinds can be controlled using one handset. If you want to know more about all of our Electric Blind Controls or to discuss the best options of electric blinds available for your property, please get in touch with one of our sales team.