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Crittall style windows are smart, sophisticated and timeless. Although they date back to 1884, steel-framed windows are very fashionable and compliment most styles of property – old and new. But which is the best way to dress Crittall Windows? We may be biased, but electric blinds provide a great way to create shade and privacy. They are also very discreet when not in use, allowing your crittall windows to be on full show, in all their magnificent glory.

Read on to find out how to dress your steel-framed windows with electric blinds.

Get The Perfect Fit

If you want a window dressing that will provide good coverage of your crittall style windows, but also be hidden from view when they are not in use, electric blinds are a brilliant solution. Made to measure, electric blinds will provide the shade and privacy that you want without interfering with the stylish lines of your beautiful steel-frames windows when tidied away. Make sure your supplier measures your windows precisely and that the blinds are custom made to fit. 

Create a Sophisticated Look

Crittall style windows can be a significant investment, so don’t cut corners when it comes to dressing them. Electric blinds are simple yet smart and look chic and sophisticated for many years. Whether you’re dressing windows in a countryside cottage, a large townhouse or modern apartment, electric blinds will complement a wide variety of home designs. Work with your architect, interior designer and electric blind supplier to choose fabrics and fascias to best suit the steel-frames. 

Electric Blinds For Crittall Windows Fitted in London by The Electric Blind Company

Stay Cool

Crittall windows are a wonderful way to let lots of light into your home. However,  the large expanse of glass can sometimes make a room too hot, especially if it is south-facing. Electric blinds are a great way to keep your room cool without ruining the beautiful presentation of your steel-framed windows. Choose a blackout blind for optimum effect; an opaque fabric will block out the sunlight, and pale colours will help to reflect the sunlight away from the windows. Alternatively, a semi-transparent screen fabric provides shade without blocking the view. 

Take Contol

Electric blinds offer the most convenient smart home option for dressing crittall windows. At the touch of a button, or even via simple voice commands, your electric blinds can be drawn or closed without you even having to move. Plus, they can be pre-programmed to open or close at set times of the day. For example, you can set them to open at breakfast and automatically close when you go to work. Furthermore, if you have an Alexa device or smart home system, the electric blinds can be integrated into your other smart home controls and appliances. 

Electric Blinds For Crittall Fascia - Windows Fitted in London by The Electric Blind Company.

Find Out More

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