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Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, so if you have problems with sun glare on your computer screen or TV, now is the time to think about a shading solution. Here’s how you can significantly reduce sun glare and prevent squinting with electric blinds.

Use Automatic Controls

Whether you’re looking at a computer screen or browsing social media on your mobile phone or tablet, electric blinds can instantly block sun glare at the touch of a button; via a remote control or app. Plus, you can pre-program smart electric blinds to close at the time of the day when you know the sun will be streaming in through the windows and creating sun glare.

Set Up Voice Commands

For extra convenience, you can also connect your electric blinds to Siri or Alexa and use simple voice commands to block the sunlight. This means you won’t even have to get up from your desk when you want to open or close the blinds. It’s simple to set up and we can show you how to get the best out of the automatic controls.

Screen Fabric For Blinds Installed by The Electric Blind Company At Canary Wharf London

Choose a Semi-Transparent Blind Fabric

If you need to reduce sun glare but don’t want to block out all of the light and still enjoy the view, a semi-transparent screen fabric is a great choice. We have a selection of translucent fabrics ranging from 1% to 5% openness, so you can find the best material for your home or office, depending on how much light you want to block out. We also have plenty of dark colours to choose from which will deflect more light, maximising the screening effect.

Use a Blackout Fabric

Sometimes, only full coverage and sun screening will suffice. In this instance, blackout electric blinds are the best solution. Enjoy an immersive cinematic experience when watching a film, even in the middle of summer, and ensure your child won’t be disturbed by sunlight in the nursery with electric blackout blinds.

Motorised Blackout Blinds Installed by The Electric Blind Company At Canary Wharf London

Get the Perfect Fit

One of the most important things to consider when trying to reduce sun glare is to ensure your electric blinds fit correctly. All of our motorised blinds are custom made to order and we’ll visit your home to make sure the blinds fit perfectly within the frame. This prevents any light seepage around the edges for the best shading effect.


If you need to reduce sun glare in your home and would like to discuss some electric blinds options with us,  please get in touch with our expert electric blinds sales team: call 02381 290120 or email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk.