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With home working becoming the new normal right now, it’s important to make sure your home working space allows you to be as productive as possible in these unprecedented times. Electric Roller Blinds can provide the perfect window dressing solution for your home office. Here are just a few of the ways in which electric roller blinds can transform your office into a comfortable space to work from…

Reduce Glare

Whilst the arrival of spring is refreshing, the bright sunlight creating glare on your computer screen definitely is not! If you’re squinting to see your monitor during the day, a screen fabric blind will help to reduce the glare. Our electric blinds come in varying degrees of transparency which block out some of the sunlight without blocking the view outside. We usually recommend a 3% screen fabric in a dark colour to significantly reduce the glare and allow you to use your computer comfortably. 

Create Privacy

Whether you’re an energetic early bird who starts work before dawn or a budding night owl working late into the evening, make sure you have the privacy that you need to feel comfortable at your desk. Electric blinds are a great way to screen you from the outside world and ensure nosy neighbours can’t peer in when it’s dark outside and light inside. You can even set your electric blinds to automatically open or close when the sun rises and sets. 

Sleek and Modern Style

If you prefer a smart and sophisticated style for your home office, electric roller blinds are the ideal backdrop. Not only do electric roller blinds look ultra-modern and super sleek, but our blind concealment solutions will also hide the blinds from view when they are not in use, creating a neat and tidy finish. Take a look at our Blindspace boxes to see just how easy it is to create a streamlined and unfussy dressing for your windows. 

Home Office - Electric Blinds Fitted by The Electric blind Company

Stand Out or Blend in

Electric blinds come in a large array of colours and shades so you can be sure to find the best look for your office. Choose muted colours for a soft, calming style, or why not inject some colour into your home office with bright coloured fabric. Another option is to make a statement with a bold patterned fabric. We have a large range of blind fabrics to choose from. Take a look at our Electric Blinds Fabric Guide for more inspiration

Ultimate Control

All of our electric roller blinds can be operated from your smartphone, tablet or remote control, so you won’t even have to get up from your desk when you want to open or close the blinds. Alternatively, for the ultimate in convenience, you can connect your electric blinds to Siri and use simple voice commands to control your blinds. It’s simple to set up and we can show you how to get the best out of the automatic controls. Take a look at our Electric Blinds Control Guide for more information.

Find Out More

To find out more about our home office electric roller blinds or to discuss how they might work for your home, contact us today – call 02381 290120 or email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk.