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With the new year well and truly underway, many of us are busy making home design plans for the year ahead. But what are the big interior design trends 2023? Here is the lowdown on some of the most popular styles and looks. 


After a long period of muted grey tones being the go-to interior colour palette, we’re now starting to see bold shades pop up in the most stylish of interiors. The idea behind this growing interior design trend is that brighter colours make us feel happier; a dopamine hit, if you like. With a wide range of fabric colours to choose from, our electric blinds are the perfect way to inject a bit of vibrancy into your home or workplace. Wayfair’s design report also suggested that colour encourages creativity and gives us the opportunity to create fun and unique looks that are an escape from the everyday mundane. So, go on, be brave and welcome some colour into your home this year.


Bedroom Electric Blinds in Blue - The Electric Blind Company


If you haven’t heard this phrase before, this trend is all about making your home a place of comfort and security. Somewhere you can hide away and cocoon. Soft, warm textiles are key, as is comfortable and cosy seating. Window dressing can make or break the impact of the comfortcore look, so don’t overlook this area of your home. Electric blinds are ideal for creating a cosy ambience. From blackout blinds that encourage deep sleep to semi-transparent screen fabrics that create a warm glow while blocking out sun glare, there are blinds to suit every room.

Temperature Regulating Design

According to Houzz, the climate crisis and increase in energy costs will give rise to more consideration for effective insulation and heat-reducing window treatments. Rather than rely on air conditioning and heating, prevention is becoming more important. Electric blinds can be a very good way of regulating the temperature in your home. In the summer, blinds can be set to automatically rise and fall to provide shade. And in the winter, blinds can provide excellent insulation.

Roof Lantern Electric Blind in Orangery - The Electric Blind Company

Have you been inspired by these interior design trends and thinking of installing electric blinds in 2023? If so, please get in touch with our friendly sales team, who will be happy to discuss all the options we have available for the year ahead.