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Lutron Electric Blinds

Lutron is one of the world’s leading electric blind brands with over 50 years of experience in offering ingenious smart home solutions. Well-regarded for their superior products and market-leading innovations, Lutron electric blinds are a great choice for many properties, including residential and commercial. Lutron smart blinds can be controlled remotely from outside of the home through the comprehensive and easy-to-use app, and pre-set opening and closing schedules can be set up using automated settings. 


Smart Home Integration
App and Voice Control
Battery Powered
Premium Quality
Residential and Commercial

Why choose Lutron Electric Blinds?

Recommended by T3 – Best Premium Smart Blinds

Integrated Smart Home System

Control your Lutron Electric Blinds using your smart home technology. The Lutron Smart Bridge is compatible with smartphones, smart watches, Amazon Alexa devices and Samsung SmartThings.

Simple Battery Replacement

Lutron Electric Blinds come with a unique built in fascia that hides away batteries neatly and provides hassle-free access to the battery casing for quick and easy replacement.

Clear Connect Technology

Lutron’s Clear Connect RF Technology uses a dedicated network and quiet radio frequency to ensure that there is no interference with the working of your electric blinds and that communication between devices is seamless.

Wireless Options

Lutron has a number of battery operated wireless electric blind options that are convenient and reliable.

Very Quiet

The Lutron Sivoia wireless system is extremely quiet so you can relax without any disturbance from motor noise

Perfect Alignment

Lutron Electric Blinds will move up and down at the same speed for perfect alignment.


Luton electric blinds can be controlled using either a traditional remote control handset or the Lutron App connected to a smart home device.

HomeKit Voice Contol Blinds

Voice Control

Control your Lutron smart blinds through simple voice commands via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit Siri or Google Assistant-activated devices.

Lutron Electric Blinds App - The Electric Blind Company

Lutron App

The Lutron App allows you to control your Lutron electric blinds remotely from wherever you happen to be. Use this to set up automated schedules too.

Lutron Electric Blinds Pico Remote Handset - The Electric Blind Company

Pico Remote Control

The Pico Remote Control provides wireless control of your Lutron electric blinds and can be configured for handset, table top or wall mount use.

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Authorised Lutron Dealer

We are an official Lutron dealer and fitter so you can trust us to offer the very best product information and fitting service for Lutron blinds.  Get in touch to find out how Lutron blinds could complement your living and commercial spaces.