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These super stylish semi-transparent wireless battery powered blinds were fitted to a stunning property in Winchester. The large south-facing bifold doors needed a sun-screen to keep the open-plan kitchen-diner cool. The furniture also needs protection during the summer months. Without a nearby power source, we chose to fit blinds that are powered by batteries. A smart colour-matched fascia hides the roller of the blind from view and a multi-channel remote control opens and closes the blinds.

Semi-transparent Battery Powered Blinds Fitted in Winchester by The Electric Blind Company

Screen Fabric

These electric blinds feature a semi-transparent screen fabric. The fabric blocks out enough light to reduce glare and prevent the room from getting too hot without blocking all of the views. The fabric also blocks some of the harmful UV rays that may damage furniture over time. We have a wide range of semi-transparent screen blind fabrics to choose from including 1%, 3% and 5% openness or 99%, 97% and 95% opaqueness.


Bifold Door Blinds

Electric blinds are a popular choice for bi-fold doors. With floor to ceiling coverage, the blinds will gently rise and fall at the push of a button. Furthermore, a range of blinds sizes to cover 3, 4 and 5-panel doors are available. When fully retracted, the blinds sit behind a fascia. This hides the blinds and the roller from view and gives the set up a smart and tidy finish.



Battery Powered Blinds Fitted in Winchester by The Electric Blind Company

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