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This beautifully styled modern home in Bursledon near Southampton is adorned with fabulous floor to ceiling windows allowing natural daylight to flood into all of the rooms, creating a wonderful airy feeling inside. However, there is always a need for some privacy and darkness, especially overnight, so we were called upon to help create some shade during the day and a cool dark area at night, all in a style that was in keeping with the property’s cool, clean and modern lines.

Battery Operated Roller  Blinds

As the property hadn’t been designed with blinds in mind, there were no pockets or recesses into which we could fit a standard electric roller blind system, and to retrofit something like this would involve a lot of building work and electrical fittings; a costly exercise.

So, the best option for our client was to fit battery operated roller blinds throughout the property. Battery run blinds are very efficient, running off just a few standard household batteries that last many years with normal use. They rise and fall elegantly and quietly and there are no unsightly cords or wires to detract from the clean modern lines of the architecture.

Sheer and Blackout Fabrics

In the bedrooms, our client wanted blinds that would create a feeling of calm and serenity; a space in which they could get a good night’s rest. So, we suggested using a blackout fabric that would plunge the room into complete darkness at the touch of a button, even with the multitude of large windows. Plus, with automated controls, the option to wake up to natural daylight was made possible.

In the rest of the house, a sheer screen fabric was used. This created some respite from sun glare without blocking views out to the garden.

Sheer Electric Roller Blinds Fitted in Bursledon, Hampshire

Colour Matched Fascias

Our client wanted to make sure that the blinds blended in with the stylish and modern windows so we colour matched the fascias of the blinds to the aluminium frames. All of the blinds were custom made to fit each pane of glass perfectly, making sure the overall look was sleek and tidy.

Smartphone Control

As well as providing traditional remote controls for every room, we set the blinds up to be operated from a smartphone using a specially created app. A small box was plugged into the property’s wifi and then our client was able to open or close the blinds in any room of the house, without having to actually go into that room. This setup also allows them to programme preset movements for certain times of the day such as closing blinds at dusk and opening them again in the morning. This is a great security measure if they go away too.

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