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We recently installed electric roller blinds in a newly extended kitchen in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Our client wanted the electric blinds concealed, so we hid them behind a sleek, custom-made fascia fitted across the top of the window, making them virtually invisible when not in use. Since hardwiring was not an option, our client opted for our premium battery-operated blinds with translucent fabric.

Concealed Electric Blinds fitted in Kitchen in Cirencester

Concealed Electric Blinds

When a ceiling recess or blind pocket isn’t an option, a custom-built fascia offers a perfect way to conceal electric blinds. Mounted at the top, the fascia effectively hides the roller shaft and brackets, creating the illusion of built-in blinds. Additionally, the fascia can be tailored to match the window frame or blind fabric, ensuring a cohesive and elegant finish.


Battery Blinds

Our premium battery electric blinds offer an ideal window dressing solution for this beautiful modern kitchen. Without nearby mains electricity sources, the blinds are powered by standard household D-cell batteries. Their smooth operation ensures effortless functionality, making them a low-maintenance choice for this frequently used room.


Concealed Electric Blinds fitted in Cirencester


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