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We fitted these concealed motorised blinds in a magnificent apartment on the 22nd floor of a prestigious building in Canary Wharf, London. The apartment was undergoing a stunning refurbishment and our client wanted two layers of blinds; one with semi-transparent blinds and another layer of blackout blinds. They also wanted both sets of blinds to be completely hidden from view when not being used so we used a Blindspace ceiling pocket to conceal the blinds. The blinds are also compatible with the apartment’s Control 4 system allowing our client to operate the blinds using touchscreens throughout the apartment. They also have remote access to the blinds via dedicated Control 4 software.


Concealed Motorised Blinds

We concealed the electric blinds using a Blindspace ceiling pocket. The tilt-and-turn windows didn’t leave much of a gap for the pocket, but we successfully installed the double-layered blinds as required. When not in use, the blinds retract into a slot in the ceiling which hides them from view. When deployed, the blinds gently drop down from within the ceiling to cover the windows.

Concealed Motorised Blinds

Blind Fabrics

We have a wide range of motorised blinds fabrics to choose from. Our client needed two types of blind fabric for their apartment. The first fabric that they chose was a semi-transparent fabric. This blocks out some of the glare during the day without blocking the breathtaking views. The second blind uses a blackout fabric that creates complete privacy during the evening.

Motorised Blind Fabrics

Home Automation

The motorised blinds are integrated into the apartment’s Control 4 home automation system. This allows our client to control the blinds using various touchscreens around their home. Furthermore, they can automate the blinds to open and close at set times of the day. They can also operate the blinds when they are not at home using a dedicated app on their smart device.

Home Automation Blinds

Screen Fabric Concealed Motorised Blinds Installed by The Electric Blind Company At Canary Wharf London

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