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Fitting electric blinds at this listed building with exposed brick walls in London was made simple by our long-life battery blinds. The wireless set-up of battery blinds allows them to seamlessly integrate into any setting, new or old, providing a discreet and elegant window dressing solution for any property. Our client’s preference for a blackout fabric provides excellent coverage, and the clean and modern style of the blinds looks fantastic against the rustic red brick backdrop.

Battery Blinds

When your windows lack a nearby power source battery-operated blinds offer a superb solution. Suited to any kind of property, regardless of age, these blinds are entirely wireless, utilising cutting-edge roller motor technology powered by standard household D-cell batteries to effortlessly open and close. Remarkably energy-efficient, these blinds can maintain functionality for up to five years with typical usage, making them a sustainable and convenient choice for window coverings.


Blackout Electric Blinds

If you want to block out all of the light in a room, our electric blackout blinds are the perfect solution. Crafted from top-tier blackout fabrics, woven with precision and using premium threads, these blinds block out unwanted light for a dark and cosy ambience. For maximum coverage, we can also fit electric blinds with side channels which prevents light infiltration along the edges.


Electric Blinds Fitted to Windows in London Appartment

To find out more about our long-life battery blinds and blackout fabrics, please get in touch with our expert electric blinds sales team: email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk or call 02381 290120. We are based near Southampton, Hampshire but also supply and fit electric blinds across the UK so please get in touch for projects further afield.