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We transformed this beautiful living room at a property in Cambridgeshire with a combination of hardwired and wireless electric blinds.

With expansive sliding doors leading to the garden and three windows to the side, we specified the optimal wiring requirements for the large patio door blinds and fitted battery blinds to the smaller windows for ultimate convenience.

The stunning light-coloured screen fabric not only enhances privacy at night and provides shade during the day, but still allows plenty of natural light to enter the room, keeping it bright and airy. 

Electric Blinds Fitted in Cambridgeshire

Electric Blinds For Sliding Doors

Enhance your sliding doors with electric blinds. Customised to fit your windows or doors perfectly, we accommodate a diverse array of sizes, including extra-wide panes like those shown here. The seamless fusion of contemporary style and practicality is our speciality and our team will visit your property to take precise measurements, guaranteeing a tailored solution that complements your space perfectly.


Battery Powered Electric Blinds

Battery-operated electric blinds are powered by standard household D-cell batteries, making them incredibly simple to fit wherever your windows are positioned. They remove the hassle of installing extra power sockets or dealing with unsightly wires. They rise and fall smoothly and provide a stylish, low-maintenance solution for your windows.


Hardwired Electric Blinds

If you need large blinds and have a power socket located near to your windows, our hardwired electric blinds are ideal. Operate the blinds at the touch of a button using a handheld remote, dedicated app, or wall switch and enjoy the convenience of synchronized movement.


Hardwired and Battery Electric Blinds Fitted in Cambridgeshire


To find out more about our hardwired and battery electric blinds for sliding doors, please contact our friendly sales team: email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk or call 02381 290120.