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With crittal windows remaining as popular as ever, we were delighted to fit large electric blinds in this open-plan kitchen in Camden, London. Our client wanted sleek electric blinds that blended in with the window frame and provided sufficient privacy. Without a nearby power source for hardwired blinds, we supplied and fitted longlife battery blinds, which are extremely quiet, incredibly functional, and can last up to three years before the batteries need to be replaced. The light-coloured fabric creates a bright and airy ambience, and the roller mechanism is hidden by a custom-made fascia that is colour-matched to the window frame.

Battery Blinds

Electric blinds powered by long-life D-cell batteries offer excellent privacy and shading for windows without a nearby power source. As demonstrated in this beautiful London home, these blinds operate smoothly and are a convenient, hassle-free, and low-maintenance option for any kind of window anywhere within your property.


Battery Blinds Fitted to Crittal Windows in Camden London

Electric Blinds Fascia

A made-to-measure fascia offers an excellent solution for hiding electric blinds where building a ceiling recess or installing a blind pocket is not feasible. Positioned at the top of the blind, the fascia hides the roller shaft and brackets, providing the impression of integrated blinds. Furthermore, the fascia can be colour-matched to the window frame for a seamless aesthetic.

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