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This large, modern office space on the first floor of Lombard Wharf Battersea required electric blinds to reduce screen glare for its employees. With thirty, south-west facing windows overlooking the River Thames and with panoramic views over Chelsea Harbour, bright sunlight was reflecting from the many computer and media screens and the meeting spaces required extra shade on hot and sunny days. We fitted long-life battery blinds with a semi-transparent screen fabric to filter the light and reduce the glare without making the office feel too dark and without compromising the stunning views. The blinds fascias were also powder coated to match the colour of the window frames for a smart and seamless finish.

Battery Electric Blinds Fitted at Lombard Wharf Offices in London by The Electric Blind Company - large office

Battery Blinds

Battery electric roller blinds open and close at the touch of a button without the need for unsightly wires or the installation of extra power sockets. This is particularly useful when retrofitting a large number of blinds in a commercial space such as these luxurious offices at Lombard Wharf.  We have a variety of stylish wireless electric blinds to choose from and we customise them to match the interior style of your office.

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Screen Fabrics

We have a range of screen fabrics to choose from including 1%, 3% and 5% transparency. This filters the light to reduce glare but still allows in plenty of light and doesn’t block the view completely. Generally speaking, a 3% screen fabric will significantly reduce the glare and allow you to use a computer screen comfortably. Screen fabrics also have the added benefit of reflecting light away from the windows to help keep your office cool during the warmer months of the year.

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