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We recently completed the installation of semi-transparent electric blinds at this beautiful lakeside holiday home in the heart of the picturesque Cotswolds. This remarkable sustainable holiday home development features stunning architecture, and the large sliding doors allow light to flood the open-plan interior. To cater to the owners’ needs, we fitted long-lasting battery-operated blinds with a sheer blind fabric that ensures plenty of privacy without blocking all the light.

Electric Blinds Fitted in the Cotswolds by The Electric Blind Company

Semi-Transparent Electric Blinds

If you want to reduce sun glare and create privacy without compromising a room’s brightness, screen fabric electric blinds are an ideal solution. Available in varying degrees of transparency, you can customise your blinds according to how much light you want to block and how much of the view you wish to retain. Additionally, white-based tones like the one used for these blinds can help to reflect the light, illuminating the room even when the blinds are closed.


Battery Electric Blinds

Battery-operated blinds grant you the luxury of effortlessly opening and closing your blinds at the touch of a button without needing to install additional power sockets and the absence of unsightly wires. Battery blinds are powered using household D-cell batteries, and with an average use of four movements per day, they can keep going up to five years.


Electric Blinds Fitted in the Cotswolds by The Electric Blind Company5


To find out more about our battery electric blinds and semi-transparent fabric options please get in touch with our expert electric blinds sales team: email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk or call 02381 290120. We are based near Southampton, Hampshire but also supply and fit electric blinds across the UK so please get in touch for projects further afield.