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This stunning orangery overlooks the beach at Friars Cliff in Christchurch, Dorset. The room gets lots of light during the day, but our client wanted some electric blinds to help protect their furniture and floor from colour fade. The blinds also reduce glare from low sunshine in the evening. The blinds, two of which are over 3-metres wide, are powered by batteries and are finished with a smart fascia. The white 1% semi-transparent fabric reflects light into the room so it doesn’t feel dark when the blinds are closed and the blinds roll away completely when they are not in use. The blinds are also connected to Apple Homekit so they can be controlled using simple voice commands via Siri.

Electric Blinds in Orangery - Dorset - Fitted by The Electric Blind Company

Battery Blinds

Battery blinds are powered by simple D-cell batteries housed within the roller barrel. The blinds are completely wireless which means no mains wiring is required and replacing the batteries is very straightforward. The blinds are also very quiet for minimal disturbance and are extremely energy efficient – the batteries can last up to five years based on average usage.


Concealed Blinds

These electric blinds are concealed with a smart fascia which hides the roller of the blinds from view when they are not in use. All of our fascias are custom-made and can be colour-matched to suit your home’s interior style. We also have wall and pocket recess options to choose from.


Electric Blinds in Orangery - Dorset - Fitted by The Electric Blind Company3

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