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This project involved the installation of electric blinds at an exquisite apartment within the distinguished Rivermill complex overlooking the River Thames in SW1 London. The property had recently undergone an extensive renovation, and our client wanted concealed blind boxes to house motorised blinds. This ensures that the blinds seamlessly disappear from view when not in use, blending in perfectly with the apartment’s refined aesthetic. The blind material is semi-transparent with a 1% screening factor, offering both functionality and elegance.

Concealed Electric Blinds

To conceal the electric blinds from sight, we commissioned a bespoke blind pocket that was made to measure specifically for our client’s windows. This innovative system enables the blinds to discreetly retract through a narrow opening in the ceiling and into an aluminium enclosure. The pocket ensures that the roller, motor and fabric are completely concealed to create an effortlessly sleek and sophisticated appearance.



Opting for a semi-transparent blind fabric is a fantastic way to diminish sun glare without sacrificing natural light and obstructing your views, like the fabulous River Thames vistas at this property in London. Within our selection of translucent fabrics, we provide a spectrum of openness, ranging from 1% to 5%. This gives you the flexibility to tailor the materials to the extent of light control you want.


Electric Blinds Fitted to windows overlooking the River Thames, London


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