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We installed these stunning translucent electric roller blinds to a property in Thames Ditton, Surrey. Our client wanted privacy for their living room without blocking out all of the light. So we picked a natural shade of fabric that lets plenty of light into the room, even when the blinds are closed. A pre-constructed pelmet hides the blinds from view when not in use.

Electric Roller Blinds Fitted In Surrey

Translucent Blind Fabrics

Our client wanted to let in as much light as possible into their living room but maintain the utmost privacy when the electric blinds retract. Our translucent blind fabrics are ideal for this. The weave is close enough that you cannot see through the fabric but the light fabric colour softens the natural sunlight to create a lovely glow around the room.

Motorised Blind Fabrics

Concealed Electric Blinds

These electric blinds sit behind a pelmet that was already in place. However, we also have options to conceal electric blinds where rooms do not already have a pre-constructed pocket, ceiling recess or fascia. Our Blindspace® pockets are high-quality custom made boxes that can be fitted retrospectively and hide your electric blinds from view when they are not in use.

Concealed Motorised Blinds


Motorised Roller Blinds Fitted In Surrey

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