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We recently completed the installation of seven extra-wide, long-life electric roller blinds at a property in the breathtaking setting of Exeter, overlooking the tranquil River Front. Our client’s primary wish was to manage the intense sun glare that often reflected off the water while still preserving the picturesque view. To strike the perfect balance, we opted for a semi-transparent screen fabric that diffuses the sunlight and reduces the glare without compromising the outlook. We colour-matched the fascia to the RAL of the aluminium sliding doors and recommended a dark-coloured fabric to complement the property’s interior design.

Electric Blinds Fitted in the dining room of a Riverside Property in Exeter

Semi-Transparent Fabric

The semi-transparent screen fabric that we used on this project, offers excellent light control, enabling our client to block out the sunglare from the water while still allowing plenty of natural light to shine through and maintaining an unobstructed view of the river. Our collection of translucent fabrics offers a spectrum of opacities, spanning from 1% to 5%, ensuring that you can select the perfect grade for your home. Furthermore, we provide an array of colours, ranging from dark hues, as illustrated here, to lighter and more natural shades, allowing you to harmonise your choice with the interior aesthetics.


Electric Blinds For Large Sliding Doors

Electric blinds can elevate the elegance of bifold and sliding doors, as demonstrated at this property. Tailor-made to fit your windows or doors precisely, we can cater for a wide range of sizes, include extra-wide panes. Seamlessly combining modern style and functionality, whether you have a 3-panel, 4-panel, or 5-panel configuration, we’ll come to your property and take exact measurements to ensure the perfect fit for your property.



To find out more about our electric blinds for bi-fold doors, please contact our friendly sales team: email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk or call 02381 290120.