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We recently had the pleasure of working with a client who had just completed this stunning kitchen renovation. They wanted a subtle way of covering the corner window that would complement the sleek, modern design. Our solution not only achieved this but also provided practical benefits, such as enhanced privacy and light control. Mains power was run into the correct spot in readiness for the installation. We also have a special way of fitting the blinds and fix the fascia independently to keep gaps between the blinds to a minimum.

Electric Blinds for Corner Windows

Dressing corner windows can be challenging, but with careful planning and precise measurements, we achieved a perfect alignment to minimise light gaps. These custom-made electric blinds offer exceptional coverage of the windows and a sleek aesthetic that perfectly complements the modern kitchen.


Hardwired Electric Blinds

Hardwired electric roller blinds are connected directly to the mains electricity supply to offer seamless integration with your home. They can be plugged into a nearby power socket or, if needed, we can collaborate with an electrician to install an appropriate power source. Control is effortless—use a handheld remote, an app, or a wall switch to adjust the blinds.



To find out more about our custom made hardwired electric roller blinds please contact our friendly sales team: email sales@theelectricblindcompany.co.uk or call 02381 290120.