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The absence of a recess or dedicated power source proved to be no obstacle for our team in this recent electric blind installation. Undeterred, we mounted three large battery-powered roller blinds directly above the door with a custom-made fascia to hide the roller mechanism when the blind is not in use. This approach ensured that the blinds remained inconspicuous and didn’t obstruct any of the glass, plus we didn’t need to wire in a power source. The finished result looks really smart and fits with the minimal and modern interior style perfectly

Large battery blinds with fascia

Battery Blinds

Electric blinds powered by standard household D-cell batteries offer a convenient solution for window installations that don’t have a power source nearby, like the ones in this stunning modern property. With smooth movement, these battery-operated blinds provide a hassle-free and low-maintenance option for window dressing, regardless of their placement within the home.


Fascia For Electric Blinds

A custom-built fascia is a great way to conceal electric blinds when the option to build a ceiling recess or install a blind pocket isn’t possible. Installed at the top of the blind, the fascia creates the illusion that the blinds are built-in, concealing the roller shaft and brackets from sight. Additionally, the fascia can be customised to match the colour of the window frame or blind fabric, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated appearance.



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