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We fitted these wonderful 3% black screen motorised blinds to a newly built extension in a beautiful property in Crookham, Berkshire. Our client required electric blinds to provide shade over the newly fitted crittall windows, but without blocking the view of the garden. So, we recommended a 3% screen fabric that is semi-transparent. The blinds are powered by the property’s mains electric and controlled using a hand-held remote. They can also be pre-programmed to rise and fall to pre-set positions.

Hardwired Electric Blinds

These electric blinds are connected to the property’s 240v mains supply which was in easy reach of the crittall windows. If you don’t have a source of mains electricity close to your windows, we can work with a professional electrician to have one fitted or we have battery powered options. The blinds are controlled via a simple-to-use hand-held remote and can be pre-programmed to open and close automatically at set times of the day.


Screen Fabric

Our semi-transparent screen fabrics are becoming more and more popular amongst customers looking for good window coverage without compromising on the view. Screen fabrics block out glare during the day but you’ll still be able to see out into your garden or the view from your apartment. We have motorised blinds fabrics in 1%, 3% and 5% degrees of transparency and a wide variety of colours.


Living Room Electric Roller Blinds - Semi-Transparent - Crittal Windows - The Electric Blind Company

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