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We have just installed seven extra large electric blinds into this stunning residential swimming pool complex in Essex. The pool benefits from stunning views over the ocean, but on sunny days, the large windows make the room extremely bright and blinding. Our client wanted the blinds to be made from a translucent fabric to filter the light, reducing glare and enabling the room to be functional without blocking out all of the sun. The blinds were also fitted with full cassettes in a custom RAL colour to match the doors perfectly.

Translucent Blinds

If bright sunlight is a problem in your home, translucent electric blinds are a great way to reduce glare and control room temperature. We have a range of semi-transparent fabrics that filter the light in varying degrees. Our 5% openness fabric lets the most light through and allows you to fully enjoy the view, whereas our 1% openness fabric blocks more light and provides more privacy.

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Electric roller blinds are extremely versatile and can be fitted in a variety of different rooms, large and small. These extra-wide motorised blinds give the swimming pool a clean, modern and simple backdrop and can be easily controlled at the touch of a button. Automatic timer settings can also be used to open and close the blinds according to where the sun is positioned during the day.



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