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Somfy and QMotion

Want to control your electric blinds using just your voice? All you need is an Alexa enabled device. Using this, you can set up your electric blinds to open or close in response to simple voice commands. These could be ‘open the blinds in the kitchen,’ or ‘close the blinds in the bedroom.’ You can also ask Alexa to open your electric blinds at sunrise to help you wake up naturally, or close the blinds when it gets dark to protect your home, even if you’re not there.

Alexa smart blinds are the ultimate convenience in home automation, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed ambience, whatever level of window coverage you require. Take a look at our blog to find out the Benefits of Alexa Controlled Blinds.

If you wish to operate your blinds in this way, please ensure you tell us prior to ordering, so that we can ensure you are supplied with the correct motors, for you to set up your smart home after installation.  


Hands Free Control

Open or close your electric blinds without having to find a handset, pick up your smartphone or use a wall switch. An Alexa smart blinds system is the ultimate in convenience and hassle-free automation in the home.

Simple Set Up

The system is simple to set up in your home following installation of your blinds. Using a special HUB you can connect Alexa to your electric blinds and programme opening/closing scenarios.


If you want to control several sets of smart blinds at once, you can set up pre-programmed activities that are triggered using simple voice commands. For example, ‘close all of the blinds in the house,’ or ‘close all of the blinds upstairs.’

Alexa Blinds Fitted in London

We fitted extra-large battery-powered electric blinds in a stunning property in Clapham, London. These smart blinds are set up with voice control so they can be opened or closed as a group, or individually using an Alexa device.


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Alexa Controlled Blinds For Sliding Doors

This is a fantastic example of voice-controlled electric blinds. Our client wanted electric roller blinds to screen their large sliding doors with the ability to open and close them using their Alexa device.


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We can supply and fit a choice of high-quality electric smart blinds including the following:


Discover some of the smart electric blinds we have fitted for our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions About Alexa Blinds

Can Alexa control my blinds?

Alexa can control Somfy and QMotion electric blinds.

How do Alexa blinds work?

We use a special link device to connect your motorised blinds to your Alexa enabled device with minimal setup. Then you can ask Alexa to open or close your blinds with simple voice commands.

Are Alexa blinds worth it?

The main benefits of Alexa blinds include hands-free convenience, control remotely, and automated functionality.


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