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We have many options to conceal your electric blinds. Vertical electric roller blinds can be hidden in a ceiling recess and electric roof blinds can be concealed horizontally in a false ceiling or in a wall. All of our blind concealment options ensure that your electric blinds are hidden from view when not in use and the fascia will conceal the brackets and roller barrel for a smart and polished look. We have some innovative and minimalist blind pocket products that can be custom made and fitted in less than 5 weeks, and we can work with your architect or builder to ensure a perfect fit.

Concealment boxes

5 Day Delivery

From £155 per metre

Custom Made to Size

Quick installation

Blindspace® Concealed Blinds Pocket / Box

For the ultimate in luxury and style, opt for a special blind pocket to be installed. This enables the blind to disappear neatly into the ceiling above your window when not in use. If you are planning a new build or renovation, a blind pocket can be shipped directly to your contractor so that they can build the pocket into the ceiling for a flush finish. We can also liaise with electricians to make sure the power is in the correct place and the right cabling is installed. Once your build is nearing completion we will fit the blinds and add a flap to conceal everything when the blind is not being used.

More About Blindspace® Blind Pockets

Concealed Blinds Ceiling Recess

If you have a purpose built ceiling recess for your blinds, we can custom make them to fit the space available and conceal your blinds from view when they are not in use. Once you have chosen your blinds we’ll work with your architect or builder to make sure your blinds can be hidden from view. We can also liaise with electricians to make sure the power is in the correct place with the correct socket required.

Concealed Blinds Fascia

Create a smart and polished finish for your electric blinds with a colour matched fascia. The fascia will be fitted at the top of the blind so that the brackets and the roller blind are concealed from view when rolled away.

Concealed Roof Lantern Blinds

Roof Lantern blinds can be concealed horizontally into an adjacent wall or a false ceiling, depending on the layout and construction of your room. If you would like this to be your own design we can provide you with technical drawings for your architect or contractor for the ultimate built-in look.

Benefits of Concealed Blinds Boxes

Read our blog article to find out why Blindspace® boxes are a really good way to conceal for your electric blinds.

Benefits of Concealed Blinds Boxes

Concealed Blinds Examples

Take a look at some of the concealed electric blinds installations we have carried out in homes throughout Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire and London.

Concealed Blinds Portfolio