Hardwired electric blinds run off your mains power supply and are a wonderful addition to any home. Simply open and close your blinds at the push of a button and watch as they effortlessly rise and fall simultaneously. With no unsightly cords, electric blinds are simple and elegant, providing a stunning backdrop for any room.

How Do Mains Powered Electric Blinds Work?

All of our hardwired electric blinds are operated using your mains electricity supply. If you have a power socket located near to the windows where you would like to hang the blinds we can simply plug them in and run the wires neatly into the blind bracket or fascia. Alternatively, if you don’t have a power source to hand we can work with electricians to have a fused spur fitted close to the blinds. The blinds are operated using a remote control, wall switch or even a smartphone, and work off a small motorised unit which creates a smooth rise and fall movement.


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Plug and Play

If you have a plug socket located near to where you would like your blinds to be fitted we can simply plug in your new electric blinds for simple installation. We will also hide any unsightly wires using carefully colour coordinated trunking.

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Hard Wired

If you don’t have a plug socket already installed, we will fit a 5 amp fused spur close to where the blinds are to be installed. We will then connect the blinds to the socket and carefully conceal any wires for a neat and tidy finish.

Benefits of Hardwired Electric Blinds

Suitable for Large Blinds

Hardwired electric blinds are the best power application for blinds that need to cover large windows or doors.

Constant Power

Connected to your mains electricity supply you’ll never have to worry about the power running out or changing batteries

Symmetrical Rise and Fall

A group of hardwired electric blinds will open and close at the same speed creating symmetrical and graceful movement within your home.

Good for Pre-wired Properties

If your home has already been set up for hardwired blinds or it is planned as part of your building work, installation is quick and easy.


Although motorised, hardwired electric blinds are very quiet so you can open or close the blinds without disturbing the peace and quiet.

Simple to Operate

At the click of a button you can open and close your blinds with ease. Plus, with an easy to use app, you can even control your blinds from your smartphone or tablet.


Hardwired blinds remove the need for unsightly manual cords or twisting handles which makes them very safe for households with young children or pets.

Energy Efficient

Create a greener home, prevent heat loss and save money on your energy bills with electric blinds that can open and close automatically at preset times, even when you’re not at home.

Disadvantages of Hardwired Electric Blinds

Mains powered electric blinds are a fantastic choice for many window dressing projects. However, there are a few occasions when hardwired blinds are not suitable and battery powered electric blinds would be better…

Unsightly Wires

Hardwired electric blinds need to be connected to your mains power supply using wires. If left untouched, these wires can look very untidy, so they will need to be carefully hidden using colour coordinated trunking.

Higher Installation Costs

Hardwired electric blinds often take more time to install due to the extra work involved in fitting a suitable power supply, wiring the blinds in and concealing the wiring. As such, the costs are usually higher than battery blinds. However, you may save money in the long run as there is no need to replace the batteries.

Installation Takes Longer

Hardwired electric blinds require a 5amp fused spur to be located nearby, so, unless you already have a socket in the correct position, one will need to be fitted by a qualified electrician before the blinds can be hung and wired in.

Mains Powered Blinds not quite right for you?

Try our Battery Powered Blinds instead.

See our blog on Hardwired vs Battery Powered Blinds to help you decide which type is best for you.

Types of Mains Powered Electric Blinds

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Electric Lantern Blinds

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