Wireless or battery operated electric blinds give you the option of having beautiful blinds that will open and close at the touch of a button without the need for unsightly wires or the installation of extra power sockets. This is especially useful when covering hard to reach windows. Our wireless electric blinds come in a range of styles and fabrics so you can customise blinds to suit your home and individual style.


How Do Wireless Electric Blinds Work?

All of our wireless electric blinds are operated using standard alkaline D cell batteries. This may not sound like much, but the motorised systems are so efficient that the batteries can last up to five years based on an average of four movements per day. The battery power is enough to power the small motorised unit which gently turns the roller to open or close the blind. Depending on the model you choose, the batteries can either sit within the blind roller itself, or in a battery tray that is hidden behind the blind fascia. Both options are very neat and tidy.

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Benefits of Wireless Battery Blinds

100% Wireless

Battery operated blinds are completely wireless which means installation is very straightforward and there are no unsightly wires to hide.


Although motorised, wireless electric blinds are very quiet meaning you can open or close the blinds without disturbing your peaceful surroundings.

Simple to Operate

At the click of a button your blind will gently open and close. Plus, with an easy to use app, you can control your blinds from your smartphone or tablet.

Cover Hard to Reach Windows

Electric blinds are the perfect solution for windows that are too high to access manually. Plus, battery operated blinds don't have any wires.

Long Lasting Batteries

Our battery operated electric blinds use standard alkaline D cell batteries that can last up to five years based on an average use of four movements per day.

Easy Installation

Battery operated blinds are simple to install. With the batteries mounted into the roller itself, the system is very neat and tidy, slotting into the fascia with ease.


Without cords hanging down or wires running around the window, battery operated electric blinds are very safe, especially for homes with young children.

Energy Efficient

Electric blinds can help you to create a greener home and save you money on your energy bills by reducing heat loss.

Disadvantages of Battery Powered Electric Blinds

Battery powered electric blinds are a fantastic choice for many window dressing projects. However, there are a few occasions when battery power is not suitable and a mains powered electric blind system would be better…

Battery Replacement

One of the biggest downfalls of battery operated electric blinds is that you will need to replace the batteries when they run out. However, the process is quite simple to do. Also, the blinds run on household D cell batteries so they are easy to buy and they will usually last for a few years before they need replacing.

Rise and Fall Not Symmetrical

Depending on which model and brand of battery powered electric blinds you choose, the ride and fall of separate blinds may not be at the same speed. This is due to a slight variation of power from each battery. If you want the blinds to be in sync, Lutron have a special Intelligent Hembar Allignment system to try and rectify this problem.

Not Suitable for Large Blinds

If you want large electric blinds, battery blinds may not be suitable as the power isn't high enough. If you have a large window and would prefer battery powered blinds over mains powered blinds, we recommend you have several smaller blinds alongside one another to cover the width of the window.

Battery Powered Blinds not quite right for you?

Try our Mains Powered Electric Blinds instead.

See our blog on Hardwired vs Battery Powered Blinds to help you decide which type is best for you.

Types of Wireless Electric Blinds

Battery Operated Electric Roller Blinds

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Battery Operated Bi Fold Door Blinds

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Featured Project

Battery Operated Wireless Roller Blinds

This modern home featured lots of large floor to ceiling windows allow lots of natural light to flood in. However, our client wanted some shade from the glaring sun in the living room and blackout blinds in the bedrooms. We fitted battery operated electric roller blinds throughout the property.

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We can supply and fit a choice of high quality electric roller blinds including the following:
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