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Electric blinds offer many aesthetic and practical benefits, but they can also offer an extra layer of security for your home. Here are three ways you can protect your home by installing electric blinds…

Set blinds to automatically open or close at set times of the day

Keep intruders at bay by programming your blinds to open at dawn and close at dusk, whether or not you are at home. With a range of pre-programmable settings you can choose when your blinds will open and close by the hour and day of the week.

Lutron Electric Roller Blind - Honeycomb - Sitting Room - The Electric Blind Company

Control your blinds wherever you are

Gone on holiday and forgotten to close the blinds? No problem – deter burglars and make your home look like it’s occupied by closing your electric blinds remotely. Simply access an app on your smartphone, wherever in the world you happen to be, and open or close your electric blinds as required.

Control Electric Blinds From Holiday - The Electric Blind Company

Protect your furnishings from sun damage

If sun heat and glare is a problem, set your electric blinds to close when the sun is at its most fierce to protect your home and furnishings from UV damage. Whether you want to protect your sofa, dining table or carpet, it’s easy to set your blinds to close at certain times of day and then open up again once the sun has moved round.

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